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Tuition:  Mystical Dance Teacher Training Course

Women's Sacred Dance Teacher TrainingThe six-week 2018 Mystical Dance ® Teacher Training Course (MDTTC) fee, including deposit, is 120,000 Thai Baht.  (Please view conversion on www.xe.com -- approximately $3,770 USD or $3,070 euros.) There is an early payment option of 114,000 Thai Baht. Details are found here.

The tuition fee does not include meals or accommodation, but these can be arranged upon arrival. For more information about accommodation (including resort recommendations), travel tips, visa information and details, information about food and local attractions, etc., please refer to the Agama Yoga website FAQ. Upon acceptance into the course, additional orientation materials are provided.

It is worth noting that this course fee is either on par with or below market rate for other, similar dance movement intensive programs offered in Asia and the West. In addition, the course teachings of the Mystical Dance® Teacher Training Course – due to their uniqueness in scope and length and their recognition on the world map of dance – already have a great deal of intrinsic value which participants can take with them to their own communities. The potential for these types of classes and workshops is growing.


Every MDTTC applicant must submit a deposit in the amount of 10,000 Thai Baht (approximately $300 USD equivalent) alongside her application, in order to be considered for acceptance to the program. This deposit must be made on Agama Yoga's website using PayPal.

If Mystical Dance ® does not accept a student for participation; the full MDTTC deposit amount will be re-deposited to the applicant's PayPal account.

Sufi Sema with Monika NatarajFor information on dates, payment and refund policies, please refer here.

Full tuition payment will constitute reconfirmation of a participant's place in the course.


Ritual Dance Teacher TrainingMystical Dance® holds very high standards for its program and future teaching staff. There is a selection process that applies to each level of the course. Students are expected to earn a positive final teaching evaluation based on attendance, relative mastery of the materials presented, teaching abilities, and general participation in the course. The first two weeks of the MDTTC constitute a semi-trial period, during which all MDTTC participants will be evaluated with emphasis given to their levels of enthusiasm, dedication, and aspiration. At the end of this period, a decision will be made as to whether or not students have demonstrated the necessary qualities to successfully complete the MDTTC. A detailed account of additional  Mystical Dance ® program expectations for students is found in the Terms of Agreement. An evaluation will be made such that if the Mystical Dance ® program decides after the first two weeks of the program that a student is not fit to become a teacher in this tradition, MDTTC Administration will refund two-thirds of the tuition fees. No refunds will be given after this point in the program.

If a student was extended a course discount based on past participation in the Mystical Dance Workshops or if she is an Agama Yoga teacher, the refund amounts will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the percentage of fees actually paid.

Please refer to the information also listed on the host website.

Sacred Circle of Sisters


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9th April - 4th May 2018
Mystical Dance® Teacher Training Course
5th February - 17th March 2018
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2nd - 4th November 2018

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