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Course Details:  Mystical Dance Teacher Training Course

Course Dates

The next six-week Mystical Dance® Teacher Training Course (MDTTC) runs from 5 February - 17 March, 2018.

The first week of the MDTTC begins with a five-day Mystical Dance® 1 Workshop which will be open to outside participants to give TTC participants an opportunity to experience the pace and depth of an intensive workshop. The workshop will conclude with a ritual transfiguration~dance meditation offering.

The following five weeks will be closed to those enrolled in the MDTTC and will include additional ritual and performance opportunities.

Please note: At scheduled times, we will invite select Agama yogis to participate in some of our activities as part of the co-ed Mystical Dance® experience.  There will also be a number of opportunities for more informal dance offerings and plenty of teaching practice within our group.

Transfiguration Ritual




Shakti Meditation

We will meet approximately six-seven hours per day, five days per week, with some exceptions that will be announced in advance. Generally, except when noted, Sunday will be a “holiday,” or day off, but the exact two days off per week will be floating -- meaning they will change week-by-week depending on our energy levels and the events that we plan.  There will also be additional required group meeting times for informal sharings and emotional support just among participants.

There will be some additional evening events (rituals, meditations, etc.) as well as other optional activities such as movies and local expeditions. Any deviations from the regular schedule will be announced as far in advance as possible.  Days off are also opportunities for group memebers to gather more informally for dance practice, etc.

Our day will be divided into two sessions. Last season, we met from 9:00 - noon and 17:00 - 20:00 as our core hours. Twice a week, generally Tuesdays and Thursdays, our first session is 9:00 - 13:00.  Typically our Friday evening session runs late.  You will receive a printed schedule of times and days, and we remain flexible for changes to accomodate special ceremonies and astrological considerations.  A teaching practicum schedule will be devised so that each participant has the opportunity to lead dance, theory, and self-development exercises.

Overall, the course will be demanding but the days will be well-paced, balancing the physical dance portion with complimentary activities, rituals, discussions, meditations, and lectures.

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5th February - 17th March 2018
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