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Mystical Belly Dance Monika Nataraj


What is the mystical aspect of this belly dance workshop?

Dance expression is an ancient art and through conscious movement and invocation, you can awaken the Divine feminine within.  Belly dance is a language of sacred symbols and a dynamic method to experience the energies of the Universe. Tantric theory on the chakras, including meditations and visualizations are incorporated to go deeper into the mysteries of this dance.

The approach to the course is unique and holistic  - from the secrets of energy work, to the role of dance in female rites of passage and healing, to embracing fully your feminine potential -- it is all here for you.

Unveil Truth as you reveal the eternal dancer. 

What is the dance part of the workshop like?

The course breaks down the basic movements and isolations of belly dance and expands on this through combinations and full choreographed routines. Some highlights include learning veil and drum solo technique, dancing with light, north African trance and blessing dance, Bollywood-Bellydance, Egyptian cabaret, and temple dance.  Beautiful rituals and invocations, modern fusion, and group improvisation are other favorites that are covered.

The workshop is designed for the complete beginner to the intermediate level dancer – no previous dance training is required.  You will finish with a fantastic foundation on which to continue your dance exploration, and discover the freedom within the discipline of understanding this joyful art form.

What should I bring?

Bring comfortable practice clothes. A flowing skirt and hip scarf are helpful. You are encouraged to wear anything that particularly inspires your inner and outer feminine spirit. Veils and candle props will be provided.  Please also bring an open mind and heart, something to drink and something to write with! 


"Thank you for your courage and choice of staying connected, channelling & transferring the Goddess -- the divine energy.  This workshop was so much more than what I expected, it fulfilled-rekindled my secret longing that I had even forgotten about ... my purpose in life ... Love & Blessings." ~ Prem Feride, Turkey
 "Monika-Goddess,  I feel so blessed to have met you.  Your presence, energy, clarity + LOVE are such an inspiration.  I really hope to do something with you again, soon ... yoga, bellydancing ... anything!!  Much love to you. "  ~ Lee, UK

"Amazing!  Inspiring, Deep 'n loving ~ transcendent ... deeply grateful for your wisdom and beauty ... because you embody the teachings, you have helped open my body and heart. So humbled, and in awe ..."  ~ Tiffany, USA

"I am the breather and the breath.  I am the singer and the song.  I am the dancer and the dance ... that's how I feel after a beautiful 3 days of your workshop.  You are divine ... we all are.  Great experience!" ~ Sofie, Germany

"Amazing, very developing in many ways -- femininity, dance, laughter, group work.  Amazing that I could dance so well in only 6 days.  I learned to let my Shakti blossom and gained better self-confidence." ~ Anna, Sweden/Denmark
"Wow, never in my life have I witnessed such a divine beauty that can orchestrate the energy of a room the way you can, Monika. You sing the song of your heart, and we dance to it's special tune. Every night I come home, totally exhausted, covered in sparkles and bindis, and softly giggle myself to sleep. You are such a gift, and I am so excited to be learning from you." ~ Nola, Canada
"What you do is a magical gift, Monika, and 'thank you' doesn't come close to covering it ... but thank you so much." ~ Amanda, USA 

"Thank you for one of the most beautiful weeks of my life.  You are such an amazing teacher, elegant dancer and wonderful woman." ~ Isabella, Austria 

"Amazingly powerful.  A gift to be with 30 goddesses and 1 SuperShakti!  I'm impresssed by the beauty & revelation of every single shakti and peace + harmony without competition!  I love it, I love U, I love God!  I'm humbly melting in gratitude."  ~ Juliane, Germany

"To the beautiful woman who changed my life! Thank you Monika.  I feel sooooo lucky to have had you as such an incredible and inspiring first teacher. My journey would not have been the same if it wasn't for you xoxoxoxox" ~ Angelica, Canada  
"Beautiful, empowering Shakti love!  Deeply inspiring and so much fun." ~ Elisa, USA
"Liberating!  During the week I was able to surrender more & more, thus feeling increasingly soft and in love.  It was all so wonderful." ~ Holly, Australia
"Exhilirating.  The sessions were well planned.  There was a good mix of theory + dance, and learning so many different dances was great fun, and helped keep the interest + passion.  Fantastic workshop and couldn't wait to do the next one!"  ~ Harjit, UK

"With all of my heart I recommend every woman on the planet to take this amazing opportunity!! Embrace the Sacred Shakti in Divine Glorious Mystical Dance with a powerful initiated Goddess! I have had the honor of journeying with Monika in divine dance several times in the most stunning surroundings on a tropical island in Thailand. BEcome the Goddess ... You ARE the Mystery."  ~ Sissel, Finland

"I felt movement in my body in a way I haven't felt since I was a child.  I also really enjoyed being 'danced" by the Divine in such an intimate way."  ~ Stacey, Canada

"Incredible!  The week was a continuous series of  'aha' and 'ahh' moments, very heart-opening, like returning home.  I am amazed, inspired + so grateful for your commitment to all the intricacies of the course." ~ Anasta, Australia

"Transformative, totally amazing, allowed me to get in touch with my inner goddess.  Sisters if you are ready to rediscover the mystery of your Goddessence through sacred dance, with a very special teacher, then look no further."  ~ Sapna, UK
 "Everyday, I could learn so much about myself and the other sisters. I thank you for all the activities and works you've given us.  You are the best teacher and Powerful Shakti I've ever seen.  Everyday, I was so happy coming to your class, and you ... changed my life within a week!! WOW.  I would love to be a teacher like you.  Love" ~ Aiko, Japan

"It feels so good to bathe in this female energy.  I loved the belly exercises and the integration of the yoni.  I feel softer, more feminine and flexible." ~ Caroline, USA

"Amazing, awesome, a great way to be the Divine Feminine." ~ Naomi, New Zealand

"Transforming - a highlight of my experiences at Agama."  ~ Wendy, Canada


More Comments from Past Participants:

“Inspirational, high energy, I just loved the whole experience!”  

“…this course really changed me,  I am more in touch with my feminine side…” “I loved the spiritual aspects…I feel renewed...”

“The Goddess is alive…in us all! Thank you for the inspiration.”

“Great teacher.  More, more, more, please!”

"This workshop completely changed my life!  I am not kidding! This is women's empowerment at its best."  

“Exceptional.  You made it easy and fun to learn.” 

“Beyond W.O.W.  You are the kind of teacher I have been waiting for."

“This is the best thing I have done for myself in a long, long time.”

“I felt so supported by you and the whole group of incredible women.”

"We have become spiritual superheroines with glitter!"

“I am so happy and grateful I learned belly dance through you.  There are a lot of classes out there,  but none of them covering the mystical…”

“I’ve been traveling for a while now, all over Asia, and this is definitely the highlight of my journey. My partner couldn’t believe the changes in me.” 

“I am a former model, but to be honest, this is the first time I’ve really loved my body." 

“I can’t capture in words what this workshop has meant to me.” 

“When are you coming back?! I want to do this everyday!”

“What a deep way to connect with my “true” self. I’m grateful for this gift.”

“I learned and received so much! All of the explanations were so fascinating and have given me a whole new perspective on dance and being a mystical woman in modern times.” 

“This was an exceptional and completely effective way to put all the tantric theory into practice.”

“Thank you so much for your patience, wisdom and inspiration.  It has been an amazing journey learning with you – y ou have so many gifts and share them so generously.”  

“I think these were the best four days of my life! I never felt so alive.”

"You must hear this all the time, but my life did completely change since the course last week." 


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